The Research and Development of our products is structured around philosophy of running an efficient “Engineering Factory."

Our New Product Development (NPD) is structured around using the Philosophy of an “Engineering Factory”, translating into a robust Product Development Process controlled by meticulous Gate Reviews:

  • In any factory on-time delivery of parts is critical to smooth running of operations.
  • The same is true for an engineering factory, where quality parts (math data release, analysis results, formability results, proactive management, supplier selection, tool design, GD&T drawings etc.) must be delivered on time and with highest quality.
  • A robust Product Development Process (PDP) can be viewed as a robust assembly line, where quality parts are delivered on time at each station (Gate).

This being a backdrop, we rely on well-established PDP tools to manage our programs, such as:

  • Multi-function Team selection – CFT approach
  • Design Best Practice
  • APQP
  • Gate/Phase review process
  • And more…