EHS Policy

Guaranteeing the populace, a ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY,SAFE & HEALTHY future by campaigning for an environment devoid of pollution."

In the world of technology,one needs to stand committed to the technological advancements and developments taking place in the global arena without harming the environment, which happens to be the foremost area to be given priority in today's  rapidly developing world. We, at the Krishna Group of Companies remain steadfast in our approach to technology keeping in mind the delicate issues of the environment and improving the human, social and environmental responsibilities by providing a clean environment for all.The company has always worked for the enhancement of the environment. The measures taken up by the company to keep up with their EHS policy are as follows .Optimal use of natural resources and minimising waste generation by reduce, reuse and recycle.Energy efficiency measures, wherever applicable.Compliance to the Environmental legislations.Reduction of Air Pollution, Noise Pollution, Water Pollution and Hazardous Waste.Enhancement of Environmental awareness level amongst the Employees and Business Associates.Policy shall be timely reviewed and made publicity available to anyone, who is desirous of knowing the contents therein.

Corporate Citizenship