Chairman’s Desk


Krishna Group of Companies was set up in the year 1994 in order to meet the growing demand in the Indian Automobile sector. Over the past 21 years of existence our company has inscribed an incredible story of achievement and has engraved its name in the industry for ages to come. It all started as the manufacturer of seats of the 800cc Omni model for Maruti back in the year 1994-95. The journey since then has been a memorable one. Like every other company in the field, we also had our ups and downs; we also experienced profits and losses; we were no different from any other in the race, what made us different from the others was our dedication towards our work, our commitment and our resolute approach which brought in sincerity and integrity.

The scenario of the Indian Automobile industry has changed over these few years where we have changed our stand from importers to manufacturers. It has and it will always be the top most priority for all of us working here at the Krishna Group of Companies to assure quality and deliver excellence. The company is firmly formed on few ethics which binds all of us to the roots of the company. These bedrock principles of ownership, excellence, customer satisfaction, transparency, innovation and respect have defined the company’s meaning since its inception.

In this rapidly developing society where technology pours out every second, we try to commit ourselves to deliver the best and achieve excellence following the guiding principles which shape the very existence of the company.  I extend my humble gratitude to Maruti and Suzuki Group for their continued support in the last two decades.

Ashok Kapur